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Voice Solutions in Washington, DC, Maryland & Virginia

ComTech Cloud has built its reputation on providing infallible, superior technology solutions. With ComTech, your business has a clean, effective link to consumers and associates through the latest technology available. Phone and communication systems are critical to successful business and together with our extensive experience and expertise you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your business, regardless of size or scope.

A guaranteed improvement in productivity and flexibility utilizing simple to operate and growth-focused technology is our namesake. Ready to get started in taking your business to the next level? Make the step and reach out to our specialists at ​(240) 778-2100(240) 778-2100!

Our Business Solutions

A businesses phone system is essential in its everyday processes, connecting its owners with their employees, customers and vendors. The importance of a reliable and easy-to-use phone system is major in any size business. ComTech Cloud can provide you with all of your telephone needs regardless of the size of your business.

Small Business

Typically businesses with less than 25 phones. Perfect for law and accounting firms, real estate offices, automotive repair shops and any other small business that put a high value on their phone system.

Medium Business

Typically businesses with 26 to 50 phones or companies that have multiple locations or mobile workforce’s. Perfect for service contractors, multi-office medical practices or law firms, call centers, or general business with 26-50 employees.

Large Business

Typically companies with 50+ phones and/or special configurations. ComTech’s clients include medical hospitals, government agencies, schools, large call centers and general businesses with more than 50 phones.

VoIP Solutions for Small Businesses (25 Phones or less)

Achieving more at less cost is the name of the game for any business, but it’s especially critical for smaller operations. Concerned that VoIP is outside of your business’ comfort zone? Don’t worry! ComTech Cloud has the right set of features and functions to meet your needs within any budget and you’re guaranteed to see a return right away. Connect effortlessly to consumers, vendors, and associates with ComTech Cloud VoIP to maximize productivity.

Small businesses we typically serve include:

  • Medical practices
  • Boutique law firms
  • Accounting firms
  • Automotive repair shops
  • Real estate offices

VoIP Solutions for Medium Businesses (26-50 Phones)

Medium businesses have a tendency to be highly focused on growth. If moving up is your aspiration, our solutions fit in perfectly with your plans. Simple, clear communication; uninterrupted by relocating or opening additional areas of operation. Sound good? ComTech Cloud has you covered and our service can easily grow according to your rising need.

Medium businesses we often serve include:

  • Multi-location business
  • Service contractor
  • Real estate offices
  • Multi-office medical practices
  • Multi-office law firms
  • Call centers

VoIP Solutions for Large Businesses (50+ Phones)

As a large business, maintaining open and effective communication is absolutely essential. More and more large businesses are turning to VoIP solutions for technology and communication. Why? Because it is fast, it is effective, and it manages cost better than any other communication system available. With a business on a larger scale, you may be concerned about the uniqueness of your needs. ComTech Cloud can provide malleable, effective solutions tailor-made to suit your business’ needs. Our team can provide counsel and guidance in choosing the system that works best for you and the results are guaranteed to speak for themselves.

We regularly assist large businesses, such as:

  • Medical hospitals
  • Government agencies
  • Schools
  • Call centers
  • Businesses that employ fifty or more associates and employees

The Advantages of VoIP Solutions

No matter the size of your business, the benefits remain unchanged. Working with ComTech Cloud can net you:

  • Lower communication costs. Traditional phone lines utilize equipment and upkeep that are made entirely obsolete by VoIP. This alone saves a significant amount, but add in reduced infrastructure costs and intra-office calling and you have a true winner.
  • Flexibility. VoIP can be utilized any time, at any location via communication device, computer, or cell phones. Even E-mailing and fax is a simple task with integrated VoIP applications, improving productivity, and providing advantages traditional communication systems lack.
  • Streamlining. Versatility and flexibility lend themselves to clean, effective business. Communication and the sharing of information are the absolute keys to success and with simplified communication systems across the board, you’re looking at smooth sailing for the foreseeable future.
  • Growth and change. Whether your business is committed to growth, or your needs simply change, ComTech Cloud solutions can keep pace with ease. Old communication systems can force unnecessary stipulations and limitations on your business, whereas VoIP is exactly whatever you need it to be.

Choose ComTech Cloud for Voice Solutions in DC, MD &VA

From our roots as a provider of telecommunications systems to our current role in revolutionary telecommunications technology, ComTech Cloud leads the way in cloud-based communications including VoIP, Unified Communications, hosted voice, and call center. We are leaders in the industry helping to shape the way businesses communicate. Make the transition from traditional phone systems to VoIP systems—you’ll be glad you did. For more information on how your business can benefit from voice solutions, contact ComTech Cloud.

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Small Business

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Call Center

The demand for clarity and functionality is high at call centers, and VoIP provides for that need well.

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Our Focus

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